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Creams from the Crypt

Skull shaped car diffuser

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These car diffusers are perfect for anyone looking to have a nice light fragrance while driving. Choose your own scent, I have 50+ options available! Comes in a skull shaped bottle with wooden lid, and beige/gold cord. approximately 1.4".

✨PLEASE READ: These will last approximately 3-4 weeks depending on use. The bottle will not be filled all the way in order to prevent spills/leaking when driving, it contains 8ml of liquid. Avoid spilling/leaking the liquid on the dashboard as it could potentially cause damage. If it does spill, wipe immediately. (These bottles have been tested, and have not leaked during the testing process, this is just a precautionary statement)

✨If you purchase "diffuser only" it will come with a filled diffuser with your choice of scent, and if you only purchase the refill you will get a dropper bottle that is used to refill the diffuser.

✨The dropper bottle that contains the refill will have 8ml of liquid, enough to refill the car diffuser one time.

Reed diffuser base, fragrance oil

Note: The label will say the fragrance that you chose.

I have 50+ fragrance choices! Something for everyone to love 🖤

Check out the "scent options" tab for a more detailed description of each fragrance!

✨Directions: On arrival, remove lid and carefully remove stopper from bottle and screw lid back on. Tie behind rearview mirror and simply tip the bottle upside down for two seconds for the liquid to absorb into the cap. AVOID SPILLING ONTO THE CAR. Repeat the process every few days as the scent starts to fade.

✨To refill the car diffuser, unscrew the lid and carefully use the dropper bottle to transport the liquid. Please do this on a paper towel, and avoid spilling onto the interior of the car.

✨Neither myself nor my suppliers test in animals 🐇

✨Made to order.

✨Shelf life is approximately 10 months.

✨Disclaimer: I do not accept returns or exchanges, if you have any issues at all with your product please message me and I'll do my best to sort everything out 🖤 I am not responsible for any damage due to negligence.

✨Wash hands after handling.

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Smells amazing and looks adorable in my car