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Creams from the Crypt

Scented Skull body + hair oil - 1oz

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This fast absorbing body oil is perfect for all skin types, but is great for dry skin 🖤 You will get one (1) glass 1oz skull bottle and dropper. If using as a hair oil apply to scalp, let sit for a few hours, then wash hair as normal. You may also let it sit overnight with a sleeping cap on!

✨This bottle has a safety lid, so you have to push down and turn to get it off.

Apricot kernel oil*, sweet almond oil*, sunflower oil*, jojoba oil*, fragrance, vitamin E (tocopherol t-50)

* Indicates fair trade/ethically sourced ingredients

I have 50+ fragrance choices! Something for everyone to love 🖤

Check out the "scent options" tab for a more detailed description of each fragrance!

* Indicates a limited holiday scent

✨Directions: Drip body oil over the desired area post-shower for best results, or you can use on clean skin any other time for a boost!

✨Do NOT use on face, fragrance may irritate sensitive skin.

✨GMO free, Paraben free, and dye/mica free means a more natural product for your skin.

✨Neither myself nor my suppliers test in animals 🐇

✨Shelf life is approximately 10 months.

✨Store in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight.

✨Avoid getting water in the bottle, and do not touch the tip to your skin or contamination can occur.

✨ Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

✨Do not use on babies.

✨Do not ingest.

✨Contact me before ordering if you have any allergies or sensitivity to fragrance or essential oils.

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